Did I create anything in 2013?

#ThinkKit post number 8 — yep, I’m catching up a bit late — asks you to share a creation from this year. As the things I create for work are property of my employer, I can’t share those. So what else did I create in 2013?

  • I created a relationship with my dog. It’s true, and it’s truly a work in progress.
  • I created a blog (this one!). This one’s pretty spectacular, actually, mostly because I’ve been thinking about things I wanted to write for a long time. I took a push from Christine to actually make this one happen, but I did create it. It’s something.

And that’s about it. For real. That’s what I created in 2013. It was a busy year with 11 work trips (adding up to 35-40 days out of the house for work), so perhaps I can say that was my reason? But I need to create more. Mark that as a goal for 2014 and beyond.



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