2013 surprises

[#ThinkKit post number 9 is about surprises of 2013.]

The most surprising thing I did in 2013? I completed six races in 2013. Four 5Ks, one 6-mile race, and one trail quarter marathon (6.55 miles). It was one of those things that surprised me because of what I thought I could do. I had never done a race of any kind prior to this year, and especially given my physical state going into 2013, I could have never predicted that I would do this. I surprised myself with my ability to make this happen.

I don’t plan to let up on the physical stuff, either, because Christine got me to sign up for the Indy Mini Marathon in 2014. Yes, the full 13.1 miles, not the 5K I did last year. But we’ve got a training plan, training races, and a real idea of what I’m in for, which means that 2014’s physical surprise will have to be me actually sticking to a strict training regimen and getting to the Mini in May in a comfortable, prepared place.

As far as work, I think I’ve been surprised by different things that I enjoy and surprised by how much I need to learn about being a productive professional in what I do. Of course, you don’t know what you don’t know, and the deeper I get into life post-college, I recognize more and more to learn. And that’s a pretty exciting prospect for the future.

Tonight, I got a spectacularly sad and tragic surprise in my personal life. It’s too fresh to write about now, but expect to hear more about it in a future #ThinkKit post this month. This prompt includes the push to “tell us a story,” but I must admit, that news has me very disturbed and off my game. Back with more soon.



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