A brief appreciation

The night before the big game, he stood astride the door to the crowded bar with a half-full beer in his hand, welcoming all, offering hugs, and never taking a sip. As Christine and I approached, his arms flew wide and welcomed us into his circle, a private moment in a sea of people, excitement, […]

Remembering Phil

He actually asked my parents if he could adopt me. It had nothing to do with my parents, who are great, and didn’t need the help. Maybe he was joking, maybe he was serious. It was an odd thing to say, for sure. But it was Phil’s unique way of giving me the biggest seal […]

The next step

The questions have come many times over the years. Why did you leave journalism? Why did you major in Spanish? Why did you jump to work in fraternities? Why do you want to do this now? In many different ways, the questions ask one thing: why did you make choices that seem inconsistent, curious, and […]