My life, my own

I am two posts behind for #ThinkKit, but I’m determined to catch up this week. Day 7’s prompt: What do you want your life (or your kitchen, your job, your ____ ) to look like? Create your own inspiration board. Sketch it, collage it or do it your own way.

This very question has been a focus in my mind for the past year, or maybe the past ten years. In high school, I had dreams of being a newspaper reporter, probably in New York or Washington. In college, I stopped with the specific dreams and just sort of imagined the numerous possibilities, all still somehow “possible” and “available,” if only in my mind’s eye.

After finding a great internship and a great job out of college, I moved into uncharted territory by accepting my current position at the nonprofit association for men’s college fraternities. Five years ago, or even three years ago, I would’ve never expected to take on this role at this organization, but it has been a great learning experience that had broadened my exposure to so many things.

So what do I want my life to look like? I’m figuring that out slowly. I know many things I enjoy: writing, speaking, teaching, sharing ideas, conversing, crafting messages. I joked with a friend this week that I’m not the idea person, but I do think I can be the one who shares them and does so well. So I want my career to include those aspects, which many fields and opportunities do.

On the personal side — I will admit that I read Christine’s post on this previously, so I am using some of her ideas here — I want to live in a city, have two kids, be active physically and engaged in the community, and continue to write on top of whatever I do.

I began to dream this past week about what I could do if I created my own business, and I will continue to think on those ideas as I move forward, learn more, and grow up.

What do I want my life to look like, really? I want it to look like I built it, like I chose it, like I created it. I can look back, at times, on life choices I have made that weren’t exactly made for me — mostly small things, but perhaps I made a choice to please others or to blend in.

I will always care about others, especially my family, Christine, my close friends. And they will obviously help craft my life with me. But I want to make the right choices for myself and those who matter to me rather than worrying so much about perceptions beyond that. I worry about that too much, and that’s no way to live a great life.

I want it to be my life, with collaboration and support from my friends and family. I want to do it my way, more mine, perhaps, than some other choices in my life.


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