Nothing strange, only me

ORLANDO, Fla. — Today’s #ThinkKit post was to write about the weirdest/oddest/strangest experience that I’ve had this year. I’ve been trying to drill into my mountain of memories to come up with something, but I’ve come up empty. Nothing strong rises to the surface.

It’s not that nothing comes to mind at all, but that the thoughts aren’t that strange, at least in my mind.

I went skydiving with Christine, an experience I would’ve never done of my groomsmen hadn’t paid for it. I . I turned 25, which is strange when you think of it as a quarter of the way through your life. I went to pro baseball games in three different levels (AA, AAA and major league) over the summer. Is that stuff weird?

I stopped eating red meat. I began eating more vegetables. I cut down on my consumption of the foul liquid known as Diet Coke. I stopped eating peanut butter. I only saw three movies in a theater.

“Strange,” just like “normal,” is relative. It’s a term I can’t define on my own, because it only exists in terms of societal norms and values. I don’t see many of my 2013 actions as being that weird, odd or strange, but I’m certain that some of the above stuff probably strikes you as odd.

In the end, normal and strange don’t matter. What matters is that in 2013, I was myself, and I made choices I was happy with.

[this is the post for day three of #ThinkKit]


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