#ThinkKit: I went to the gym

All I wanted was some inspiration to work out on a rainy evening.

I hadn’t done my #ThinkKit poll for today — the prompt was to take a poll of your neighbors and friends — and I was walking the dog in the rain after work, pondering whether I would spend time working out tonight. I didn’t want to do it, but since I’m going to a conference for the next five days, I knew that this was one of my best chances this week to get a workout in. So I asked the question on Facebook and Twitter.

Early results were grim. Two people suggested eating leftover pie, which sadly we don’t have because we didn’t do Thanksgiving at home. After four of the first six respondents said I should stay home, we decided to order some pizza from Thr3e Wise Men and watch an episode of “West Wing” on Neftlix to delay the decision. The pizza was incredible, and the episode was pretty good.

But back on social media, the tide had turned. Beginning with my friend Margaret, people were encouraging me to work out. “Yes,” she wrote. “Endorphins make you happy. And you will have more energy to play with Marvin and you’ll be bouncing around the house and the rest of your night will be wonderful.” The final count was 10 votes yes to six no votes.

And so I went to the gym. Michael, a friend from the college newspaper who grew up near Seattle (Kent, Wash., I believe), had insisted that I skip working out to watch the Seahawks, but I got the best of both worlds: walked on the treadmill while watching the Monday Night Football game. Eh, it wasn’t really a game, to be honest; it was more of a mauling by Seattle.

It was actually a great workout — a 5K on the treadmill in 36:42. I recognize that no athlete thinks that’s an impressive time, but for a guy with a metal hip who cannot run but instead racewalks, it’s pretty solid. Not a personal record, but a good workout to kick off the week.

I got to watch football, eat (pizza) pie, and work out. Now to get some sleep before a 7:15 flight tomorrow. Good Monday.

[This post is the day two post for #ThinkKit.]


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