Where I’ve been

CAMP TECUMSEH, Ind. — I haven’t had the opportunity to write much during this past week, so in far from my initial aspiration to complete all the #ThinkKit posts this month.

Last week, a friend of mine died at the age of 25, and the experience of attending a funeral and mourning with my friends is something I’ve been writing about and plan to post later this month. It has been difficult, and I stopped with #ThinkKit because it just wasn’t fitting into my daily routine.

I don’t have tons of time this weekend, either, because I’m facilitating a leadership program for college
students this weekend for work. The program is for men who’ve joined a fraternity in the past two years, and we host it at Camp Tecumseh, a YMCA camp in North Central Indiana. I do have some free time when small group sessions take place, and since I have Internet, I figured I would post.

I’ve missed prompts asking about advice, laughter, discoveries, dreams for 2014, and people who make a difference. Here’s my grab bag reply to some of those prompts:

DISCOVERIES: I discovered that I like races, even though I can’t run. I racewalk, meaning I shake my hips and kick up my toes and quickly move down the road. But I really enjoy it — it’s fun to accomplish something, fun to do it with others, and fun to get exercise in in a supportive environment, even as an outlier.

I discovered, really only this week, that I am so much happier when I work out. It’s been a stressful month of December (I’ve spent 9 full days in Indy this month; today is the 20th), and I’ve made it more stressful by not getting a little exercise in. No matter what, I’m happier if I’m doing something to move. And let me be honest — I didn’t expect this to be true for me, but know it is. Being lazy all the time is not so good.

I discovered that I need to act more quickly to make changes in my life. I move slowly to make life changes, which is something I already knew. I deliberate extensively on decisions (to the frustration of Christine), and sometimes that means I don’t make choices. That isn’t OK, especially since I want to grow and learn now and throughout my life. To be who I want to be, I have to move faster, be more decisive, and push myself. Otherwise, I know I will have regrets when i get older. I’m not into regrets, so I need to change.

ADVICE: I’ve basically gotten variations on these things: Go for it. Be fully yourself; be vulnerable. Don’t hold back.

DREAMS FOR 2014: I want to be healthier in 2014, a goal I perpetually have and felt like I achieved in the first six or seven months of this year. That means working out and cooking more.

In that vein, I want to cook more and learn to do more with cooking. I can cook from recipes, but I tend to take forever doing it. Dinner at 9 a night is never appealing, so I hope I can get better and more efficient in the next year.

I want to be a better dog parent. I just need to relax more, teach more, and stick to our plans. I love Marvin, and I need to show that love by being better to him (even if that sometimes means I’m tougher on him initially).

I want to keep writing. Doing this blog has been a great experience, since I haven’t done enough writing for my liking in the past year. I want to keep it up and try new forms in 2014.

Well, that’s probably enough for today. Happy to have written something, even if it’s just a grab bag of reactions and such. Back with more soon, or so I’m hoping.

Onward and upward.



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