What my fraternity brothers thought about the year

ORLANDO, Fla. — I interviewed my fraternity/sorority friends for this one.

I asked my friends Josh, Todd, Kristen, Amelious and one of their friends for today’s #ThinkKit prompt. I am currently attending the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Annual Meeting, so I interviewed my AFA friends for tonight.

Josh took a new job with my fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta, this year — he does expansion work for the organization. Kristen took a new job at Ohio University, and Todd also took a new job at FIJI as well.

Amelious’s favorite moment of the year was the day that Minnesota passed gay marriage. “How late was I out? I may have closed the bar,” he said. A good moment.

Todd and his friends and roommates also loved their Halloween experience, one of their most fun (and dark) moments of the year. Todd was the Brawny Man, carrying a roll of paper towel all night in Lexington, Ky. He told me “the gays should not do Halloween.”

Oh, and Josh and Kristen started dating this year. I imagine that was a great moment this year for them…



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